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Hi Caspar:

There is a lot of information of this site about painting the deck stripes. Just enter
"stripes" in the search window of the messages area and you will find about 50 messages.
Start at the beginning (oldest calendar date) and you will find all you need to know.

We just completed this process on our boat. Here are the highlights and what we used:

1. We used Interlux Brightside Single Part Polyurethane paint. We bought a quart of red, a
quart of green, and a quart of white. Red and Green in 50/50 mix makes a very dark
brown (almost black), added white to lighten the color to nearly match the original brown.
The mix was 20 ml green, 20 ml red, 6 ml white per batch.
2. Scrub the deck and rinse clean, then scuff sand the deck stripe grooves with about 300
grit sandpaper using a rubber eraser of something similar as a small sanding block.
3. Wipe down the groove just before painting with mineral spirits to remove sanding and
other residues and allow to dry for a minute or two.
4. Apply the paint using a pin striping tool (Google these up on the internet). We used a
Buegler tool with a wheel that was about 1/2 the width of the stripe. This is basically a
metal tube with an end fitting that has a serrated metal wheel at the end that rolls the
paint into place. Others have mentioned, and I found it to be true, that the width of the
grooves is not uniform and 2 to 4 passes will yield the best results. Start at at the least
conspicuous place because there is a learning curve and you will get better with time. Use
a very small paint brush to do the areas that you can't do with the pin striping machine.
5. Be prepared for lots of time on your knees and some aggravation as you discover every
tiny flaw in the the deck (molds were reportedly made from weathered teak and thus had
flaws as well).
6. Be ready with a small squirt bottle of mineral spirits and lots of rags to take care of
correcting errors as there will be plenty.
7. Seal the decks with Polytrol/Pentrol after the striping is completed. The decks will look
brand new. This is the single best cosmetic enhancement we have made to the boat.
8. This took about 40-50 man hours from start to finish.

As to repairs of the light brown deck, it is gel coat and will require gel coat matching and
typical fiberglass repair with careful texturing. I plan to see if Laurent in Guadeloupe has
available some of the matched gel coat for the decks as I have one small ding I would like
to repair. I know he has matched gel coat for the off white of the other areas as he made a
repair with it to an area damaged when the starboard windshield was replaced.

I hope this helps.

Gary Silver, Amel SM2000 Hull #335

I saw the pictures of "rbenven44" regarding Painting deck stripes.

As "rbenven44" does not have an email address posted, could anyone
else or "rbenven44" himself please answer the following questions:

1. How can one fill the lines with black (paint / technical), it
looks as new!
2. Can one repaint the deck as well? I contacted Amel and they told
me that I could not paint the deck. Unfortunately there are some
minor damages to the deck so I would prefer to give it some sort of

I would be deeply thankful if anyone could answer my questions.

Kind Regards,

Caspar Groot

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