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I think turning the shank into an I-beam will solve this 'issue' without any
need to add more material to the shank.

Stainless Steel is more malleable than cast steel so will bend - as you and
others have discovered - i dont think this is a 'strength' issue - it is
just that 'the flat' SS shank will bend before it manages to reset the anchor

IF you look at a CQR for instance you will see a cast/forged I-beam.

Your modification to create the SS I-beam shank will stop it bending
'certainly not at the same loads' so the anchor will turn and reset in line with
the new direction of pull.



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I read with interest the anchor shank bending. SM349 's shank bent 90
degrees this summer anchored in four foot plus seas starting a race for our
organization. It took a 30 ton press to straighten it, then we welded top and bottom
SS plates to make a new I-beam on top of the old and thicked the areas
between the top and bottom plates on both sides. I been sailing for 40 myears and
never seen that happen. Makes you wonder about the anchor strength?. Do I
need to trash the anchor despite the welding? Any thoughts?
Sundance sm 349 Murray Seidel.
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YEP WE managed that on Bill and Judy's SM200 just off the entrance to the
Moorings base in Road Town Tortola - they had it straightened no problem - i
sure Judy or Bill will post and give you chapter and verse on the repair. It
would appear to my engineering brain that the shank need to be upsized
considerably as it cant handle the load that the flukes can generate with an
leaping about in a boisterous anchorage



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