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Gregory Shea


In the first world the preferred method is to put dry ice in the tank to displace the oxygen before cutting or welding. In the third world they connect a hose to an exhaust pipe and use exhaust gas. I have successfully used the first method when there has been an inspection hatch to pass the ice through. The second seems fraught with water vapour, unburnt fuel etc. but it is a common practice. Without an inspection hatch, I guess any inert gas injected through the fuel outlet would work. Your pros undoubtedly have their own preference.

Greg Shea
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Thanks Bob, Eric and Ann-Sophie.

Based on your feedback I will go for hatch covers to be made, if possible.  Where are the hatches on the SM 2000 ?

I will soon speak to the steel guy and request 3 top rectangular inspection hatches to be made in the 4 forward compartments, and one side hatch in the aft compartment (no room on top).  I was wondering about how to get all the fumes out before cutting.  Ann-Sophies idea of compressed air is good.  I thought of over filling it with water and draining.

The tank is empty now and the fuel will be cleaned outside the boat.  I am busy removing the last little scraps of insulation from the tank.

Eamonn Washington
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