Re: staysail mizzen setup

Jose Venegas

Hi Graham, 

In my SM 278, I mounted the wind generator on top of the mizzen mast and used rubber mounts to reduce any potential noise or vibration (which is not perceivable event when it blows >20).  I do have the radar mounted on the mast but it does not seem to affect whether I hoist the sail starboard or port as long as I pass it on the proper side of the main back stay.  Although my mizzen staysail is the original and a little bit overused, it can still give me one extra nut when the relative wind is behind the beam.  My next purchase will be one that I can use with lower angles in low wind conditions. Unless you move your wind generator to the top of the mast, I don’t see how you can use the mizzen staysail. I will try to upload a pix or two.


Fair winds,



Ipanema SM278

Getting ready for hopefully its last winter in Boston.


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