Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Refit


Never, ever use Emek for ANY work or even to broker any sale or purchase.

Here is my sad story.

In November 2016 I purchased an Amel SM 53 brokered by Emek. At the same time Emek sold my previous vessel.

While still at Gocek and then shortly thereafter, together we compiled a list of a basic refit works. The estimate was for about $46K. At this point all started unraveling. First of all Mr. Cakir refused to get me my proceeds for the sale of my old boat under the pretenses of the 'down payment' for this refit. So for $46K of estimated work he defrauded me of $56. When I tried to negotiate a reasonable down payment, proposing on my side 20% of his estimate and giving him a chance to come with some counteroffer he simply did not even tried to negotiate anything in good faith.

Being extremely frustrated by this situation and not getting any report on the progress of works, I contracted a captain to get my vessel out of hand of Emek and get it delivered to a place of my choosing. Mr. Cakir decided to keep both my vessel and my money hostage by flatly refusing to release her to anybody but me personally. Both the way Mr. Cakir handled my money and my vessel is such an unprincipled behavior unbecoming of a boat broker's and any honest person for that matter.

When I eventually arrived at Gocek in June 2017 I founded out that of the estimate list only part of work was done however the invoice grew from $46 to $53K!! It included $6,200 for keeping my vessel in a boatyard for several weeks just for anitfouling.

Just please do not question my intelligence while you read the rest of this horror story.

At this point instead of taking my boat and getting as far as possible from Emek and Mr. Cakir I let myself get convinced, and yes, he can be convincing and quite charming, to get even more work performed by Emek on my boat. We agreed on the cost of $87K and the deadline of August 10, 2017. While the boat was hauled out again on July 17, my wife and I were supposed to spend about 3 weeks at the local hotel after which time the vessel would be launched and ready for sea trials to straighten up all kinks with completion day of August 10.

So now we're October 24, 2017 - we had to stay at the hotel 3 months so far instead of promised 3 weeks, at the cost close to 6,000 euros.

Out of the estimated $87K of repair cost so far I've provided Emek with $57K yet still after those 3 months and substantial down payment Mr. Cakir did not purchased essential supplies needed for this refit and as the result most of the work are still not completed.

Furthermore just today Mr. Cakir tried to extort more money from me by implying that work will not be completed if I don’t cough up more funds. Talking about impudence! No effort to patch up this debacle that he’s completely responsible for.

So here I am, after spending close to $300,000, including the purchase, spending the whole summer at a hotel, my boat is stuck at a local boatyard, not sea worthy by far, kept hostage by Mr. Cakir.

Just today I hired a local lawyer and we’re staring a process of recovering my boat and money from Emek and Mr. Cakir.

This company and its owner are simply dishonest fraudsters with a thorough lack of honor end decency.

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