Volvo TMD22 RPM problems

rbenven44 <no_reply@...>

Hello all,
We hope most of you are out there sailing someplace. We are now
in the Azores, where we sailed to from Portugal, after 5 years in the
Med. Next is Madeira, then Canaries, and Caribbean.
Recently, we have had a problem similar to that from "pagandaisy",
posted in November. Our engine won´t rev past 2000 RPM. We had just
had the injectors service by MAYS in Horta. We have 1670 hours on
the engine, and we have checked all the obvious: clean air intake,
clean fuel and filters, clean prop, new oil in transmission. The
engine goes up to 4000 RPM+ in neutral, but underway, it just stops
at 2000. Throttle linkage is OK, and no black smoke at full throttle.
Any ideas? The best minds in Horta, as well as a diesel mechanic
with submarine experience (a South African sailor) can´t find a
Thanks for any input, and good sailing to all.
Roy Benveniste, SM Excalibur, #195

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