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Hoi Alex 
Yes often the input from this forum is ...
Someting else about Riza, Emek!
I'm surprised that we got no feedback about all the bad issues of Emek, Riza from Bill Rousse!
2014 he recemomanded to go to him. He his a great guy!!
sorry to say that, but JP, Robin, me, and orhers critized this person.
Bill told me to not critizies this guy ....
waiting for feedback on this forum
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Dear Amelians, thank you all for your great input. I'm working on it and will have to find parts needed here in Grenada. Will let you know how I progress..
Cheers, Alex

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I recommend that you buy one of these or similar:

My dock neighbor is a Marine Electrician and laughed at me when I showed it to him.  However, when I tested 24 batteries (12 new, 12 old) the results this tester gave me were all within 5% of a "professional" battery load tester.  It's certainly "good enough" to let you know if you battery is good or not.

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