Re: ONAN Generator not starting



I'm not sure if your commentary was directed at me or not but it seems that it was so I will respond. The following question was asked by a forum member:

"Is it likely (or even possible?) that the battery could start the main engine but NOT the generator?"

Given that I have experienced THAT EXACT SCENARIO in my SM I answered their question. Now every Amel owner who reads this thread will know that this scenario is possible and it might help them resolve their problem. And that, in my mind at least, is what this forum is all about. Amel owners helping other Amel owners solve problems so they can spend more time enjoying their boats, travel, and travelling companions. I will continue to answer questions and contribute in this way where I can and when i can to try to give back to this forum that has given me so much.

SM 440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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