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Craig Briggs

Hi Chuck, 
I didn't pick up on the "no 110v" requirement. Last year had a friend with an 220v Greenline buy a 5000w Chinese step-up/step-down 110v-220v transformer for under $100. He's still got cold beer, fully charged battery, and working vacuum!
Craig Briggs, SN68

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Yes I would have suggested a cheapy from Home Depot too but he said no 110v. It’s hard to get my head around spending twice as much for 220v stuff. I’m sure the Brits and Europeans don’t like it either. 

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Try an inexpensive 2 gallon wet/or/dry one from any store like Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart. Get one that lets you put the hose in the back so it blows. Makes a great RIB/dinghy/kayak inflator.
Craig SN#68

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