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Hello Bill,

My boat is all Raymarine as, given its early number, the electronics were verily Stone Age… including a GPS receiver capable of only 3 SAT signals and could display only LAT/LON.

So my masthead unit is Raymarine as everything else in the Nav side of things.

Thanks for the pointers for trouble shooting.

Cheers from Santa Marta Columbia.

SY Eleuthera, SM 007

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Is your mast head unit the original B&G 213?  

If so, it is very unlikely that the problem is at the top of the mast because the wind speed and direction are independently generated and transmitted.  It is POSSIBLE a bad ground or power connection is the issue at the top of the mast, but there is a lot to check before you climb up there.

Here are a couple of good resources for troubleshooting:

Bill Kinney
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Hi Gang,

I'm not receiving wind speed or direction from my mast head unit.  The ITC 5 is online and seems to work OK.

Is it likely the head unit is fubar?

Thank you for the help as you may imagine...

Jean-Pierre Germain

Eleuthera, SM 007

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