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Hi Bill and William:
Not to contradict what Bill has said but to offer some additional information, I was told
by Olivier Beaute at Amel that it really didn't matter how the seals are grouped (2 in and 1
out, or 1 in and 2 out etc). I have chosen to face 2 seals out and one seal in based on the
theory that I would rather have oil leaking out rather than water leaking in - worse
for the environment but protective of the machinery -. Hopefully the three will provide
redundancy enough to prevent leakage in either direction. I have had good luck with this
for several years now. I did at one time, with the original seal configuration, have water in
the oil. This is recognized by seeing a milky whitish emulsion in the oil reservoir in the
engine room. Since oil floats on water the oil level rises and the reservoir level goes up.
Now this is not one of my standard inspections in the engine room each day, note the oil
level and color in the reservoir.
Just something else to consider and confuse.

Regards, Gary Silver Amel SM2000 Hull # 335

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Two seals face in toward the oil, that is the open end of the seal faces inward. The
third seal faces out to the sea. All should be packed with grease. When you remove the
old wear ring, brass, it could be reamed out slightly so it fits loosely over the schaft and
can be used to set the new seals so that they do not get bent on the installation process.
Hope this helps

Bill Rahmig SM72

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Prop Shaft bearing and Seals Replacement

We are about to replace prop shaft bearing and the three seals that
come with it. Two of these seals must face one way and the third seal
must face in the opposite direction to keep oil in and water out. The
problem is I don't know the proper orientation for each of these three
seals. Can anyone help with this one?

William Melbourne
SMM 306, Third Wish

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