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Bill Rousse gave us the recommendation for using a digital Battery Tester to check our Batteries. Our buddy boat had a very professional and expensive tool on board and we checked the batteries before we bought them. 
A few weeks later we got our new digital Batterie tester and we tested the Batteries with our „normal“ Batterie tester and from time to time as well with the professional one of our friends. I agree, that there are differences, but they are not huge. For our purpose a „normal“ Batterie tester is good enough. 

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I have one of these (recommended by Bill R.) They work well and are perfect for my limited needs. Very easy to use.



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I recommend that you buy one of these or similar:


My dock neighbor is a Marine Electrician and laughed at me when I showed it to him.  However, when I tested 24 batteries (12 new, 12 old) the results this tester gave me were all within 5% of a "professional" battery load tester.  It's certainly "good enough" to let you know if you battery is good or not.



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