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… following on the hijack below :-)

I was very impressed by the job done on ALOHA, an older SM.  Steve is a member of this parish and should see this soon.

Jean-Pierre Germain
SY Eleuthera SM007

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Not to hijack,  I would be interested if anyone ever pulled up the fake teak and replaced with nonskid?

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For those of you who have more experiences with Amel's of different vintages... are there fitting differences between the Leroy Somer and Bonfiglioli gearboxes used on the Mainmast furling system? 

Are they interchangeable?  Interchangeable with modifications?  Or just too different to try?


Bill Kinney

Sm160, Harmonie

Deltaville, VA

Waiting for the last of TS Philippe to go by so we can head south.

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