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James Alton


   On my boat, the two drain holes for the companionway well were drilled through the bulkhead right at the bottom of the well.  In other words the holes are not drilled through the bottom of the well itself so I  also could not see the holes looking straight down into the well.  Both holes were completely blocked but were easily cleared with a piece of wire.  Again, my boat is a 1987 Maramu so your SM might be different.


Maramu #220

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I have the same issue.  I have not found a drain hole at the bottom of the companionway well, either by looking into it with a flashlight or looking for the drain from the engine compartment.  

If you have a shop vac and some small diameter hose, duct tape the latter into the shop vac hose and suction the water out.  Otherwise take a wire coat hanger and attach a rag to dip into the well, wring out the rag, and repeat.

Wanderer, SM#477

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