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Oliver Buhlert

We also have the original Anchor which came with the boat and we had no reason to replace it. It is the WASI 30 Kg (66 lb), GYL , Hanger Anchor , High Grade Steel A4 / AISI 316L. 

During our journey we anchored 99% of the time. We had strong christmas winds in the Caribbean and it never dragged.  

Just once the anchor dragged, it was in the Med in an anchorage close to Bonifatio. The bottom was a kind of hard sand, easy to get the anchor into the surface of the „sand“ but it couldn’t grab really into it - it broke out very easy. Well the books said, that it is not the best anchorage…So we were not surprised and were prepared

It is so important, that you trust your anchor to get sleep. Friends of us dragged many times, with a new anchor. Not so relaxing. We trust the choice of H. Amel and had so far no problems. 

SV JoEmi
Sm 2000 No. 397

Am 31.10.2017 um 12:39 schrieb sailor63109@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...>:

We still have the original 30 kg (66lb) Bugel in Stainless for the main anchor and a 44# Brittany in the spare roller.

We've anchored a lot and have been in winds up to 40 knots and held firm.  The odd thing is the one time we dragged there was almost no wind.  We were anchored in the intercoastal waterway and overnight the tide change caused us to drag, so apparently the anchor did not reset.  We were in muddy sand with little to no grass and had been there for several days.  The anchor dragged around 150 feet then reset.  I wonder whether the boat drifted over the anchor and the chain somehow caught the stock and pulled it out.

Wanderer, SM#477

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