Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Volvo TMD22 RPM problems

Anne-Sophie Schmitt <nearlynothing@...>

My experience has been that the smallest malfunction
in the folding prop will cause this. It can be
anything which prevents full deployment of the prop.
Can you get 3000 RPM in reverse? Usually a prop which
does not deploy in one direction will deploy in the
other. A tiny marine growth, pit in the metal, or even
poor lubrication can prevent deployment. The lubricant
has to be an extra special, extra sticky lubricant
specific to the folding prop or it's ejected at the
first revolutions. The fact that your engine will
reach RPM in neutral suggests it isn't the engine. For
some reason this engine is quite easily "overpowered"
by even small irregularities, such as just going
through seaweed. Hope thi helps. Claude Roessiger
--- rbenven44 <no_reply@...> wrote:
Hello all,
We hope most of you are out there sailing
someplace. We are now
in the Azores, where we sailed to from Portugal,
after 5 years in the
Med. Next is Madeira, then Canaries, and Caribbean.
Recently, we have had a problem similar to that
from "pagandaisy",
posted in November. Our engine wont rev past 2000
RPM. We had just
had the injectors service by MAYS in Horta. We have
1670 hours on
the engine, and we have checked all the obvious:
clean air intake,
clean fuel and filters, clean prop, new oil in
transmission. The
engine goes up to 4000 RPM+ in neutral, but
underway, it just stops
at 2000. Throttle linkage is OK, and no black smoke
at full throttle.
Any ideas? The best minds in Horta, as well as a
diesel mechanic
with submarine experience (a South African sailor)
cant find a
Thanks for any input, and good sailing to all.
Roy Benveniste, SM Excalibur, #195

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