AIS made simple...I think?

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We purchased a AIS receiver from Milltech Marine for $189. They are
located at They offer
several products. We chose the Smart Radio SR161 AIS Receiver.

We mounted the AIS receiver behind the nav station near the AM/FM
radio and connected it to 12 volts at the switched 12 volt wiring
block for the Hydra. The AIS is powered "on" when the 12 volt toggle
switch for the Hydra is turned on. To connect the AIS to an antenna,
we bought a BNC "T" connector and 2 screw-on BNC connectors from Radio
Shack. We connected the BNC "T" to the back of the AIS receiver, cut
the antenna wire going to the AM/FM radio and attached the screw-on
BNC connectors to each end of the cut antenna wire, then connected
those to the BNC "T" on the back of the AIS.

Then we ran the included serial cable to a "serial to USB" converter
which we attached to a USB port on our laptop. Just a few software
changes to Maxsea and we began picking up ships on both the Pacific
side and the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal.

It was certainly the best $200 investment we have made.


s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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