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Hi group
My name is Tom S/Y Aphrodite 1983 Hull #125. My Perkins 4-154 was rebuilt 17 years ago and now has 5000 hours. I'm in Greece going west about, three more years till home in California. The Perkins seems to be still running strong. Maybe a rebuild when I get home. 

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Hi All. Or engine is the original 1980 Perkins 4.108. It was rebuilt around 1000 hours ago. It is still working very reliably [touch wood], just leaks small amounts of oil through the sump seal.


Warren and Zetta,


Sharki #15



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I'm sorry your Perkins has given up the ghost.  My 4-154 has 10,800 hours and I have been contemplating a rebuild or re-powering for several years.  I've been following threads of those who have had their engine rebuilt.  Unfortunately most stories do not end happily -most rebuilds fail in a year or less.  Consider the fact that your engine is 35 years old.  Most of the technicians who could have properly rebuilt your engine are retired.  In my opinion, anyone willing to rebuild it has grown up in a different culture that does not demand the type of attention to detail that a diesel rebuild requires.  You may indeed find someone w ho can do a good job but from what I've learned, your chances are slim.  Get names and contacts of former clients of your technician.


Sorry to be a Debby Downer.


Dennis Johns


Maramu 121

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