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I am the owner of the Maramu n° 116 (1982) & did some extensive refit on a boat which had suffered poor maintenance during teh last 10 years.

When reinforcing the bottom with époxy we found osmosis on the link between the GRP  & the keel ; we opened up all teh tanks & found that the gel coat lining the Inside of teh tanks had cracked & broken  letting fresh water seep through to create internal osmosis .

Cleaned, sanded & applied 3 layers of gelcoat resin suitable for drinking water on the two tanks aft for fresh water refill (cap. about 700 liters)

Isolated the 3 forward tanks . Forward as spare dry storage & two center ones as drinking water fed directly fro separate hose leading to tap Under the sinks.

Our desalinator is a Raiman – independent unit running on gas engine – giving 60 L/hr (easy to store in cockpit hatch).

Guess bad taste might come from gelcoat deterioration & slight osmosis (vinegar flavour ?).

Fair winds

Christian alby – Desirade VIII – Maramu 116 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife


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Hi there

On previous boats I've had stainless water tanks

My 1985 maramu has the tanks built into the hull. I guess all the Amels of that era did

The water has a pretty unpleasant tang to it so I'll do some tank cleaning

But I'm due to fit a watermaker soon and wondering if I should fit a small additional tank isolated just for drinking. Something that is easy to clean etc

I wonder if the tart is due to the water tanks being integral to hull.
I'd be interested to hear if others with a similar original setup have issues with unpleasant taste of water.

Many thanks

Maramu #162


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