Re: Dinghy type and storage


We stored our new Highfield Ultralite 290 RIB dinghy like you see on the picture. We tried different types of storage but find at the end this one a good solution. Still good sight ahead, no blocked hatches, you can use the automatic winch to haul it out of the water. 

For shorter distances we also stored the dinghy like you see but turned it. It makes it easier to store it and to haul it back in the water, because you don't have to turn it. 

We take more lines to secure it like you see on the picture.

We put old fenders or pillows on the bottom so we don't scratch the boat. 

The 2,90 m dinghy was for our family (2 adults, 2 kids) perfect. Enough space for diving equipment, shopping and two more passengers as guests.

The type/size of the dinghy depends at the end on the size of your engine and the number of passengers.

I would always recommend a aluminum hull because of the light weight, even when the dinghy is more expensive.

SV JoEmi
SM 2000 No. 397

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