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James Alton

Christina Alby,

   Sorry to hear about the damage to your Perkins 154.  There are currently oil pumps listed on Ebay that are supposed to fit the 4-154 but they do not look like the same pump as in the manual to me.  I will attempt to post the link here:

   May I ask you if there were any warning signs of the impending failure of your oil pump?  How many hours were on your engine when the meltdown happened?  I have the same engine in my Maramu and it now has a little over 4,100 hours.  It seems to be running perfectly, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t consume oil but I am noticing that the oil pressure warning buzzer sounds almost as soon as the engine is stopped.  I don’t know if this is normal on this engine or not.  I am planning to hook up a mechanical gauge to find out what the actual pressure is, I think that the relief valve is set at 30 psi.?  I would like to keep this engine healthy for as long as possible.  If any other Perkins 154 owners can provide any advice on what to look out for or how to care for an aging Perkins 154  it would be very much  appreciated.


James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220
Arbatax,  Italy

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I am looking for repair parts to rebuild the Perkins 60 HP diesel engine on Désirade VIII - Maramu N° 116 built 1982.

The engine gave up on me in Tenerife, went in a cloud of smoke as DO went down & mixed with lube oïl, due to faulty oïl pump (worn out - loss of oïl pressure) . 

I sourced suppliers to rebuild cylinder head & blocks, but have difficulty finding a replacement camshaft & tappets, as well as a lube oïl pump. 

I am now looking for one old Perkins M 4.154, laid up somewhere in the world (as close as possible to Europe would be best) to purchase & use for parts, then refit as spare, as I feel more confident to rebuild & run an old engine than to go for the new generation, driven by computers, to sail in out of the main sea-routes.

Interested to hear from you all who did replace your engines.

Fair winds (as I hope to return to the same)

christian Alby - Désirade VIII - Maramu # 116 - now in Marina Atlantico Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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