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Warren Traill <trailz@...>

On the subject of hot water, we have only cold on our 1980 Sharki. Can anyone show me where and how the hot water tank would be set up on a Sharki? It would be great to have a hot shower!


Warren and Zetta.


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Hi Mark,


I didn't keep the accumulator of the AMFA pump, just removed the whole thing and replaced by the Whale. I didn't notice any delay in the arrival of water… 

Of course the pump feeds as well the hot water tank.

As explained above, the green light on the 24V panel helps a lot at viewing possible losses in the water circuits and avoid emptying the water tank without notice - I think it's really useful

From our experience, the power of the Whale 24V is enough for fresh and hot water, kitchen or shower use.


I'm thinking at replacing the anchor washer Amfa pump by a simple device like this one but I'm still thinking at a more powerful one because washing the chain is really pressure dependant… Did a member already experience the replacement ? and which model or pressure is convenient ?



Fred. S/V ScentStone SM2K #375

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