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Our GPS and our B&G Hydra are connected to a multiplexer, but I am not
sure that it is necessary. What is necessary is multiple serail port
connections to your computer.

I believe that you will either need a NMEA multiplexer which allows
the connection of several NMEA inputs and has a single serial port
output, OR you need sufficient serial port inputs on your
computer...or some combination which will allow you to connect
multiple serial connections to your computer.

We happen to have both a NMEA multiplexer which is connected to the
GPS, Autohelm and Hydra and we also have a "4 serial port to USB"
converter which allows 4 serial connections and connects to 1 USB port
on the computer. It is made by Edgeport and is called an Edgeport/4.

By the way, our NMEA multiplexer (GPS, Hydra, Autohelm) is connected
to the Edgeport/4 via a serial connection. The AIS is also connected
to the Edgeport/4. Our SSB Pactor modem is also connected to the

I believe if you have sufficient serial port connections that you
probably do not need a multiplexer.


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Bill and Judy,
what did you do to handle both GPS and AIS connected to the
computer? I'm being told that I need a multiplexer or at least a USB hub

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