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Dan Carlson

Hi all,  following this discussion  and seeing all of the references to the GPM output to the pumps, but no one is talking about the pressure.  I don't know how accurate the gauge is on my AMFA pump but it shows a pressure of about 30 psi or 2 bar.  Some of the pumps discussed here are delivering 45 or 55 psi.  It is the pressure that peels the sunburn off in the shower and blows your hoses when they get old.  The GPM rating tells you how many of the faucets and showers you can run wide open before you get too much pressure drop.  

I currently, with my old AMFA, don't run my shower full blast and and don't have significant pressure drop when we are running both showers.  The pressure accumulator tank of course helps manage the pressure drop with the AMFA.

I would like to add to my spare pump inventory and the Whale pump looks attractive to me from a price point.  I am intrigued by the thought of the quick disconnects. It looks like it has good flow and I think that one was 45psi. 

Any other thoughts about the water pressure, or experiences with water line leaks or failure points?

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Did you keep the accumulator tank? Or, does the tank remove the need for one?



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I can add another piece of information to this thread.

I replaced the AMFA by a Whale pump Ref : FW1225        Whale Watermaster 3.0 GPM, 24 V d.c which was really easy to install including the connection of the wiring of the functioning green light.
It's  really smaller (save room around) cheaper (I have one in spare) and does perfectly the job of giving fresh water immediately where it's requested ;-)

Just a small work to do is to prepare the pipes connection in order to connect with the in and out part of the boat.


Link below :


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