Head Pump Out

Mark Garver

Having recently purchased Super Maramu #105, we encountered a minor issue during our first pump out and that issue being that the standard pump out adapters do not simply screw on to the SM deck fittings, so of course I used the non threaded push in attachment, which again was a bit of an issue due to the diameter of the pump out at the deck. Simply wrapping some rubber gloves around the attachment, and holding it an a very specific position allowed me to finally get the tanks pumped out. My questions is this, "Is there a better method"? I have actually considered getting an adapter made at a machine shop that would allow us to simply use the standard pump out attachments at the various marinas we will be at in the US. Once Marina recommended changing the deck fittings for something standard here, to which I said no, in fear of the "Keeper of all things Amel", Bill R. haunting me during every pump out.

Any previous experienced fixes or suggestions to this situation? I apologize if this was already a topic, but I did search and didn't see it.


Mark and Jennifer Garver

S/V It's Good

Amel Super Maramu #105

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