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christian alby <calbyy@...>

Good day to you
we took the engine out without removing the cockpit hardtop
we even kept the helmsman seat in position (old fashion from Amel - no backrest); 
we removed the mainsheet winch from its support on the mizzen mast.
we removed one stay on mizzen & backstay on main mast to allow for the crane boom to extend straight over the engine.
and removed all attachments to the engine (inverter, alternators, pumps, cooling, filters) to allow for ease of lifting with hydraulic crane.
We kept the engine on its support frame as one bolt holding on engine mounts was corroded to a point where we thought it might have to be cut out.

measured dimensions & checked that we had ample space to come out without removing the cockpit cover.
the M65 engine being new generation is smaller than the old 4.154 (lgth 1.25 M), so no problem to remove the engine. 

two soft slings on engine lifting point with shackles; 2 leader lines to hold & guide. Came out easy as pie (very able crane operator).
lift was about 280 Kgs at 9 M from centerline of crane - Crane capacity was 3 Tons with boom extension reaching at 14 M
Note : marina Atlantico in Lanzarote has got a pontoon down by the ferry terminal which allows for the boat to be moved alongside for ease of operations.

The mechanical workshop I use is SC motores diesel 0034922646755 Ask for Carlos, they have a very well outfitetd workshop (machine shop specialised in rectifying work on all kinds of engine, as well as a lab for injection parts repair & testing) & very able personnel - Carlos speaks little English. They organised the crane.
There is a good mechanical workshop in Arrecife - Lanzarote, right next to Shipchandler on the fishermen quayside. Worth to check as they deal with fishermen boats.

I will keep you posted on progress & result of repairs

However I woul recommend that before resorting to removal of engine, you keep an eye on the density of the oïl (smell of diesel, liquid lube oïl), and if oïl pressures keeps dropping go thru the Perkins fault finding list trying to eliminate the causes one by one. The lift pump access is easy to remove & to check; Injection pump on the 4.154 was not easy to remove on engine in position. Oil pump, bearings, injection pump are  definetly a 'lift off' operation (last resort as your engine is very Young running).

Fair Wind 

christian alby - desirade VIII - Maramu 116 - Santa Cruz de     Tenerife

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Hi there Christian

I am new to Amel ownership
I have a maramu #162 with a perkins M65 700 series from 2000 ish
In terms of engine removal - does the cockpit hard top come off to allow the engine to be lifted? 

Also as my boat is in the canaries too (lanzarote currently but soon to move to anagas) any info about good mechanics or riggers in the area would be very helpful.

From your last post  - you now suspect the fuel lift pump seal- is that correct? If so i will rder a spare seal for my lift pump

All the very best with the engine rebuild


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