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Good morning Mark,

Thanks for your nice message.
Actually was Hurricane Irma (not Harvey), but same result.

I really like Sint Maarten/Saint Martin!
There is a good balance of the Dutch side, very efficient like in the US, and the good food and laid back attitude of the French side! Plus the import tax is pretty low 0 to 4%, compare to 60% for the Bahamas or Turks & Caicos (which I love as well).
Where did you stayed in Sint Maarten?

The salvage work started, then the government stop it, then now it resumed.
At the marina: a half sunk sailboat have been towed, and another raised from water waiting to be towed and destroyed.
The catamaran that flew on the roof of the Yacht Club has been removed.
In the Lagoon I see 3 other boats that have been raised and are waiting on mooring balls to be scraped.
But I think the cleaning will take longer than people originally thought.
I have been twice to the French side, was more damaged: 95% of the building had damaged (I estimate 1/3 completely destroyed).
They are a bit slower, or may be more careful with the work (here on the Dutch side, people don’t wait for building permit, they just rebuild).
I am renting a car next week, will see if there is progress.

I think I found a great lawyer, actually a law teacher, technically retired, who also sailed and had a bad experience with Helvetia so is eager to help. He was refered to me by another lawyer who own a Super Maramu, now retired in St Barth so will meet next month! Small world!

Hope we met sometime!
Sincerely, Alexandre


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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Head Pump Out
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you for the quick reply! Also, so sorry to hear about your
boat and all of the other issues you have had with Hurricane
Harvey. St. Maarten is one of my favorite places and I used
to live there several years ago, mostly while doing work
there and is certainly on our list of sailing destinations.
I hope things are getting better on the island for you and
others. I have heard from a couple of friends, but not all,
just hoping they are okay and simply dislocated. You are in
our thoughts at all times and we are always hoping for the
best for you!
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 Hello Mark & Jennifer,

here is what I used:
The hose will suck from the bottom of your

Never a fun
experience, but gets better with time!

Sincerely, Alexandre

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Subject: [Amel
Yacht Owners] Head Pump Out
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Having recently purchased Super Maramu
#105, we encountered a minor issue during our
first pump out
and that issue being that
the standard pump out adapters do
simply screw on to the SM deck fittings, so of course I
used the non threaded push in attachment,
which again was a
bit of an issue due to
the diameter of the pump out at the
Simply wrapping some rubber gloves around the
attachment, and holding it an a very specific
allowed me to finally get the
tanks pumped out. My questions
is this,
"Is there a better method"? I have
actually considered getting an adapter made at
a machine
shop that would allow us to
simply use the standard pump out

attachments at the various marinas we will be at in the
Once Marina recommended changing the
deck fittings for
something standard here,
to which I said no, in fear of the

"Keeper of all things Amel", Bill R. haunting
during every pump out.

Any previous experienced
fixes or
suggestions to this situation? I apologize if this
was already a topic, but I did search and
didn't see

Mark and Jennifer

GarverS/V It's
GoodAmel Super Maramu

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