Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Furling Gearbox Differences

Craig & Katherine Briggs SN 68 Sangaris Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

One other difference is you'll have to grind off the cooling fins on the Bonfiglioli if using it for the mast furler (vs. outhaul) so it can fit inside the mast opening (at least on the SN).
Craig SN68

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Since my boat is equipped with the Leroy Somer Mini Bloc MVA outhaul transmissions and I have 2 spares of the Bonfiglioli Model VF44 I wanted to see if they are identical.

Here are the differences I found:

Sincerely, Alexandre

For those of you
who have more experiences with Amel's of different
vintages... are there fitting differences between
the Leroy Somer and Bonfiglioli gearboxes used on
the Mainmast furling system? 

Are they interchangeable? 
Interchangeable with modifications?  Or just too different
to try?
VAWaiting for the last of TS
Philippe to go by so we can head

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