Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Illustration removal outhaul boom transmission shaft.

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Hello Ian,

Sorry, I replied your previous post, then just saw this message!

Excellent for the illustration! Hope it helps!
When you remove the shaft, could you please measure its diameter?
I am "guessing" it is 16 mm on the Santorin and was 19 or 20 on my SM2K.

Very slowly there is a bit of progress in Sint Maarten, but people realize the tourist season they thought they would be ready for is not going to be as good.
On the paper you could see they were not happy 25 Cruise Ship had scheduled to go to St Thomas and here I think 2…

I would wait before coming.
They are a few boats anchored outside the bridge, but there is no marina to go to, and if there was a slip no power not electricity (at least for both the IGY).
Doesn’t look like Port de Plaisance has started any salvaging.
I am renting a car and will check Island Water World as well as Anse Marcel later this week.
For the Chandlery Island Water World has bee open for a while and I am sure Budget Marine is, I will check later this week.

Eric (on Kimberlite) needed fuel, so I inquired and was told the only fuel station accessible by boat is near the french bridge.

Don’t hesitate to ask me time to time how things are progressing!
I will fly to St Barth later this month.

Hope we meet!
I have never been on the Santorin and would love to have a tour!
Sincerely, Alexandre


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Excellent timing Alexander. I am about to attack
this very project. My Santorin has Bonfiglios so I don’t
anticipate some of the issues by replacing like for like.

But thank you for the photos.

How are things generally in St Martin now? We would like to
come there again, but don’t know what the conditions are
like re local navigation, marinas and chandlers etc opening
up again.

Any advice most welcome

Best wishes


Ocean Hobo SN96

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