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Oliver Buhlert


we had good experiences with the boatyard of the Marina Rubicon in Lanzarote. We took the boat in November 2016 out of the water to check it. They did the complete engine service -they are Yanmar service partner-  and we checked the complete underwater ship before crossing the Atlantic. I was supervising all of the works, and they were experienced. They have another German worker with a lot of experience with Amels. 

A good Rigger is during the ARC in Gran Canary. He flies in every year from England to check the Rigg. He is very experienced and did a great job in November 2016 on our boat. 

SV JoEmi
SM 2000 No 397

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Hi there Christian

I am new to Amel ownership
I have a maramu #162 with a perkins M65 700 series from 2000 ish
In terms of engine removal - does the cockpit hard top come off to allow the engine to be lifted? 

Also as my boat is in the canaries too (lanzarote currently but soon to move to anagas) any info about good mechanics or riggers in the area would be very helpful.

From your last post  - you now suspect the fuel lift pump seal- is that correct? If so i will rder a spare seal for my lift pump

All the very best with the engine rebuild


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