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I have been in Santa Marta for 4 nights, and have not seen a problem.  One of the other boats that has been here for a few weeks complained that there cushions turned black and they had to wash them... They looked clean when we arrived for drinks!    I had read about the problem here at Santa Marta but I think the problem is overstated.  

Santa Marta Marina is a great place, and right now there are a lot of cruisers here.   And, there are three SM's on E dock.   One Jean Pierre just left for San Blas in his SM, and another JP arrived in his SM the same day.  HOW MANY Jean Pierre's own SM's?  I also bought my SM from Jean Pierre!

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Hi Eric,

We are leaving Santa Marta on Thursday after a very pleasant 6 week stay. We have had almost no issues with the soot. Most of our stay has been light winds, and rarely from the direction of the port. With that said, everyone says the wind will be strong from the ENE starting in December, and I suspect the problem may be worse then. We have really enjoyed the stop here, and will miss the place. 


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What is the soot situation like in the marina?
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