Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Problems hooking up new Bamar EJF 1.0 to new Boxtron E14s Any help appreciated!

Porter McRoberts

Excellent Ideas.  I think I am going to hangout in there during a rainstorm and see what we get. 
Thank you both!


Porter McRoberts
S/V Ibis: Amel 54-#152
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Hi Porter;
I cannot help much with the Bamar issue as we are still using the belt driven units and hoping to get a few more years out of them.
As far as the bow locker, ours is very dry and no sign of humidity at all. I'm always pleasantly surprised to open the bow locker and smell, what seems to be, fresh fiberglass resin smell. When we purchased her, Olivier did the survey and noticed that some moisture had previously come in from the mounting bolts of the anchor plate in the front of the locker. We did tighten these bolts and have not seen any moisture since. However, even then, we never noticed any kind of moisture or any smell of humidity.
I would check the anchor plate bolts in the front and possibly the windlass deck switches for any sign of moisture penetration.
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
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Dear Amelians, Likely 54ians,

After the prescribed repeat frustrations with the OEM Bamar “Magic” EJFs, I finally decided to make the switch to new Bamar direct drive EJF 1.0s.

They are newly installed on the Foc and Trinquet, forestay and inner forestay.  Wires run below decks to the bow locker and to 2 new E14 Boxtrons.  

24v feed is good to both.  power from both (Foc and Trinquet) furling switches is good.

Today I worked with Nance and Underwood here in fort lauderdale as well as a stumped rigging marine electrician who hooked up the E14s as they should.  

We find the following:  with E14 and trinket furling switch a click in the furler motor housing, but no rotation.  If we hook up same wiring to an old and existing EM Boxtron, furler works!

Dispite much rewiring, no EJF rotation with the E14.  This occurs with both the new furlers.  

The electrician is stumped.  Bamar NA no return phone call.

Any thoughts?  

Very appreciated.

Second question:  is the bow locker always very humid?  I’ve re-greased the gasket and tightened the screws.  still seems very humid.  Anyone installed a ventilation fan?

Thanks again.  


Porter McRoberts
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S/V Ibis: Amel 54-#152
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