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smiles bernard

Hi there christian
Many thanks for your reply
So I use a couple of big wrenched. Lock the lowest nut visible on my picture with one and unwind the seacock body with the other?
And the lowest nut is permanently glassed into place and should not need replacing. 

Many thanks again and all the best


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good dau to you

seacocks are glassed in, goes all the way up to the hexagonal nut on the valve; if the valve does not budge use an electric file sander (makita or other) to clean nut and use heavy wrench to unscrew.
seacocks are very good quality bronze.

fair winds
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Hi there
My maramu seems to have non marine ball valves fitted as seacocks

Whilst they look new I assume I should replace these with marelon or something equivalent

At the risk of asking a daft question . . These Amel Thru hulls are new to me. Is there a threaded section glassed into the through hull? If so is this metal or a plastic?
It'd be a great help to know before I attempt something stupid !

Many thanks in advance

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