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Jim Dernehl <jim.dernehl@...>

Dear Jorge

I have a 1992 Super Maramu located in Norfolk Virginia Pao-San # 88.
Recently, I have had some thoughts of selling the boat, due to my age
and growing business demands but had planned to sail her to Maine for
the summer 2008. As an active off shore sailor, I have kept the boat in
better then new condition and spared no expense for every possible up
grade.There is nothing left to do to the boat except fill the water tank
and wash off the deck. As I am presently traveling in Asia until March I
can not join you for a boat tour------but if you are interested, I could
arrange for the boat yard---Atlantic Yacht Basin -----to let you tour
the boat. You can reach by contacting my office in Texas, ask for Alice
Becker and she will share with you my travel schedule---tel #
Jim Dernehl
Operating Technical Electronics Inc.


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Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2008 6:36 PM
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel Supermaramu

HI all
I'm new at this group and I'refer to this thread because I'm looking for
an Amel SMM 95 -97model to buy, knowing that here they are some expert
on Amels for all what I have read, I kindly ask for advise. Does any one
know of any one for sale in USA apart of the two 95 models they
advertise in Yacht world .com in Fort Lauderdale?I will fly from Chile
on friday to inspect them.
Or anyone of your friends that have finish sailing their dreams wants to
sale their boat.
I appreciate any information on this matter
Thanks in advance

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