Questions are for Maxsea/TZ charts/software users ...

Dominique Guenot

My questions are for Maxsea/TZ charts/software users:  

Are you using a computer or a MFD for Maxsea?

Which MFD if I may ask? 

Do you have 1 screen or 2 screens - Navigation Table / Helm ? 

Any good electronician to recommend in France or in the US that will accept to advise remotely and provide products? 

More details 

sv Viva  came with a rugged desktop from KEP (France) with Windows 7, Maxsea/ Time Zero installed as chart plotter software and a screen at the navigation table. I am currently in Fiji and I invested significantly in maps for Maxsea since the Med.   

The desktop is interfaced to all sensors and everything is working fine.

But I really would like a display of the chart at the helm.  

The first and simple approach would be to add a water-proof display at the helm. It will be an extended screen for windows and must have a strong luminosity (2000 cds/m2). 

I found Octofax (3000$), Furuno (5000$)  

The second approach is to buy a new MFD (Mutli-Function Display e.g., Furuno and the like) that will drive everything. The maps may or may not be re-usable. The existing will have to be re-wired. The cost is above 7000$. 

Any help greatly appreciated

Thank you so much


s/v Viva 

Currently in Fiji

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