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The Furuno radar never really interfaced with anything else. It worked, but didn't send or receive data to anything else in a useful way. It was a nice radar, but I find the new broadband radars are significantly better and easier to use for those times we find the radar most important. If the Furuno had kept working, we'd probably still have it.

The 3G unit from B&G (Navico) has no display of its own, it uses the MFD.

We installed a 12 inch monitor at the helm. I find that bigger is always better... and 
12 inch is as big as I can fit comfortably.  I am happy with it.  My old boat had a 7 in, and that was too small.  When I first was setting up the 12 inch unit with it's Navpod I was worried a bit about obstructing the view forward.  In the real world, it does not.  

It is not unusual that we run it in split screen mode (Chart/sounder, Chart/radar, radar/sounder. Chart/instrument, etc) so that 12 inch screen that might seem extravagant at first gets used a lot.

One thing I left out of our setup, was the Navico wifi.  That lets us echo the chartplotter display to an iPad anywhere on the boat.  Not QUITE as good as having two chartplotters, but very close!

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
LMC, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Thanks for sharing your electronics plan/setup!

One question though, did the Furuno radar interface with your B&G Zeus?  You mentioned you replaced it when it died and it sounded like that was after you installed the Zeus.  That would lower the entry price if I could just replace the chartplotter at the helm with one that had wifi, and could be picked up on a laptop below.

Oh, one more question, what size monitor did you put at the helm and are you happy with the size?

Thanks again!

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