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Miles, and any counter-Amel design expert.

James gives you very good advice/information. I have known certified engineers who change various mechanical and electrical choices that Captain Henri Amel made. Most of them regret their choices and realize that they acted without total understanding of the Captain's logic.

If you doubt Amel's design, time will prove you wrong most of the time.


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   Perhaps a better question to be asking is whether the valves used by Amel provide good service.  A lot of things these days stamped “Marine” are of very poor quality so I am not sure that there is as much value in buying marine stuff these days as there used to be.  In general, I feel on my  Maramu that the materials and hardware selected by Amel were intended to last for a long time if properly cared for will do so.  With such a large fleet of Amels out there a lot of information is available to verify any concerns that you may have.  The glass is still intact  (with no evidence of the gelcoat being patched) on the ball valves installed on my boat so I assume that these same valves are all original, they still function fine (do not seep when closed) and show no obvious corrosion after 30 years of service.  I do grease these each season as has been recommended.  Once the boat is at my shop in Florida, I will remove all of these to carefully inspect and replace if indicated but in the meantime I not concerned about them.  I have over the years replaced a great many Marelon valves for customers that have seized up or began to leak so I would not consider a change to plastic to be an upgrade in anyway.  The longer I have owned my Amel, the less I have been inclined to change anything.   The changes I am considering are generally related to the upgrades that Amel made on the latter boats.  The advice being given on this board to live with your boat as is for a while before making changes is on target IMO.


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Hi there
My maramu seems to have non marine ball valves fitted as seacocks 

Whilst they look new I assume I should replace these with marelon or something equivalent 

At the risk of asking a daft question . . These Amel Thru hulls are new to me. Is there a threaded section glassed into the through hull? If so is this metal or a plastic?
It'd be a great help to know before I attempt something stupid !

Many thanks in advance

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