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Heinz Stutenbaeumer

Hello and thanks to all of you.


I also ordered a Fastnet interface from B&G which is probably similar. I hope this works. The description is attached.



The H5000 Fastnet interface is a solution for customers of older B&G H2000, WTP & H3000 systems, where all data can be transferred to the NMEA2000 network, enabling the use of the new B&G H5000 Graphic Displays.

H5000 Fastnet interface provides a bridge between the two networks (H3000 Fastnet and H5000 CAN

H5000 network shown (right) is in the simplest, single display, format, but can meet any size, the rules NMEA 2000 network 

H5000 network is equipped with Micro-C connection

H3000 network is connected via "color-to-color" connections in a terminal box

The interface also works with B&G H2000 & WTP2


Always fare winds.

Heinz Stutenbäumer

Quetzal SM 2000 No. 292



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We kept our original AutoHelm autopilot as an installed working back up to our newer, smarter B&G autopilot.  The Autohelm has its own electronic compass, and receives wind data in the same way as it originally did, from the Hydra 0183 output.  It does not receive GPS data, but I never tried to interface it in that way since I never ask my auto pilot to steer a GPS course.  In other words, while it works together with the other instruments, it would not be fair to say it was integrated with them.


The Furuno radar can not send radar data to any other device.  It can, in theory, receive some data on heading and waypoints over 0183 but it requires an obsolete connector that I could never find.


I have attached a schematic of the new things that have been added to our boat.  The original wiring isn't completely shown, even if it is still being used.  Just haven't had time to do that too!


Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie

LMC, Fort Lauderdale, FL


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Hi Bill and all,

I am relatively new to the group and have been a proud owner of a SM 2000 for about a year now.


I'm up to do something similar with my SY Quetzal.

I want to install new instruments and I will install a forward scan.


I'd be interested to see if I could join the old autopilot.

Also a connection to the ld and good working Furono Radar would inspire me.


Are there any pictures you could send to me?

I'd be grateful for any information.

Also from other participants of the group.


I fly to Martinique on the 18th and will then start work and do some Fotos.

Thank you for every letter,

and forgive my poor English


Always fare winds.

Heinz Stutenbäumer

Quetzal SM 2000 No. 292




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