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Gary- in the next week or two I will photograph the anchor and measure the plates. I did not chrome the area afterwards, They wanted plus or minus 600 dollars to do this. The 350 dollars it cost was enoough for one day.
Tony and Heidy Gray on "world traveler" have come to Wilmiington N.C. to Bennett Bros yard up the Cape Fear river. Very accessible, very skilled yard, and if any of you call me, a great dinner at our house. 910-470-1225. Murray seidel

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If you pre heat the SS that is going to welded and the
"I" beam and let it cool slow you will have issues.
Be VERY SURE that the welder uses 316 SS rods which is
the same metal that anchor should have been made of..
remember that SS it tough. not hard, yes it does work
harden however it can take lots of heat but not a lot
of rubbing/work hardening.
good luck
Richard on Challenge in St Maartin SM 209
--- amelliahona <> wrote:

> Hi Murray:
> Murray Seidel wrote: ".... then we welded top and
> bottom SS plates to make a new I-beam on
> top of the old and thicked the areas between the top
> and bottom plates on both sides"
> Murray, can you give more specifics about the
> thickness of the material welded on as
> doublers to the shank on the top and bottom of the I
> beam cap plate and base plate? Also,
> how far along the shank did you carry the doublers?
> A photo would be helpful if you are
> near the boat.
> " Do I need to trash the anchor despite the welding?
> Any thoughts? "
> I am as worried about welding causing stress risers
> as I am about work hardening of the
> metal by bending it back into shape. Seems we need
> a metallurgist to help us sort this
> al out.
> Thanks, Gary Silver s/v Liahona Amel SM2000
> Hull # 335

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