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Patrick McAneny

Oliver, I live on the Sassafras River at the north end of the Bay. I just hauled my boat a few hours ago and will winterize it in the next few days. Is your water maker pickled ? Where is your boat located ? 
SM Shenanigans

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Help winterize Amel SM 2000 in US


and thank you for the answers to find a high quality rope for our boat. 

We are looking for a very experienced AMEL SM 2000 owner or previous AMEL SM 2000 owner, who can help us to winterize our boat in the US, Chesapeake Bay. 
Actually it seams difficult for us to fly in from Europe.  We are in a Marina with a very good and experienced Boatyard, but like we all know, an AMEL owner knows the AMEL much better.

If someone could help us, or could recommend someone please contact us.

SV JoEmi
SM 2000 No. 397


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