Re: C Drive - service kit 400EUR???

Ian Park

In short
No, you do need the wearing out bearing - it costs!
Yes you can get the seals and o ring elsewhere + they are standard sizes.
Usually every 2 years. Keep an eye on the oil header tank in the engine room. AMEL call it ‘mayonnaise’ which is the colour sea water mixed with oil goes. It also depends on miles done under engine as this creates the wear on the seals and bearing. But note that using the shaft alternator on the Santorin also creates wear!
There are very good explanations on the Yahoo site of how to do the job, and Alexandre (Nikimat) posted some excellent photos of the process.

Best advice if like me you aren’t of an engineering background is to have someone do the job who has the AMEL experience and watch and learn. i had mine done at AMEL Martinique and reckon I can do it myself now?


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