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I can't say I have the definitive solution to the RPM loss, but
essentially mine has been solved (at least to 2800 RPM) thanks to
advice from Selo and a little common sense. First of all the
injectors have to be REPLACED instead of adjusted. Then the pump has
to be adjusted UNDER LOAD. Someone who knows the engine has to do
the latter. The injector change did the most. Both got me from 1800
to 2700. Flushing the engine got me 100 more. I should point out
that I have a standard prop not a folding one. It wasn't the problem
nor was any growth on the hull. I suspect there's still some carbon
buildup. Good luck. Wish I was sailing too. Pagan's in Grenada for
the hurricane season. Incidentally we crossed directly from Madeira
and skipped the Canaries. Arnold

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Hello all,
We hope most of you are out there sailing someplace. We are
in the Azores, where we sailed to from Portugal, after 5 years in
Med. Next is Madeira, then Canaries, and Caribbean.
Recently, we have had a problem similar to that
from "pagandaisy",
posted in November. Our engine won´t rev past 2000 RPM. We had
had the injectors service by MAYS in Horta. We have 1670 hours
the engine, and we have checked all the obvious: clean air
clean fuel and filters, clean prop, new oil in transmission. The
engine goes up to 4000 RPM+ in neutral, but underway, it just
at 2000. Throttle linkage is OK, and no black smoke at full
Any ideas? The best minds in Horta, as well as a diesel
with submarine experience (a South African sailor) can´t find a
Hi I had the same problem with the Perkins Prima wich is basically
the same engine. The solution was to change the injectors. That
to have solved the problem. If you had your injectors serviced
they were not serviced correctly. I hope this helps. please post
solution when you find it.

Thanks for any input, and good sailing to all.
Roy Benveniste, SM Excalibur, #195

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