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The last time I purchased the C Drive parts was 23 September 2015...the part numbers and prices were:

[Amel Part 2072] BAGUE D'USURE ARBRE Ø 40 ALESAGE +0.05 (SN SMU A54 A55/Prop shaft bushing) 149,80 Euro
[Amel Part 1422] JOINT SPI 45 x 65 x 8 POUR BAGUE D'USURE (Lip seal for prop) 6,00 Euro each
The prices above do not include VAT or Shipping Costs

These parts protect your C-Drive. Amel recommends changing these and the oil every 800 hours. I believe that since a haulout is required to replace these parts and since other reasons will necessitate a 2-year interval to haulout, AND, since the actual cost of hauling out is much more significant that the individual reasons to haulout,,,doing this job every two years is best.

I believe the risk in using non-Amel parts is the cost of replacing the C-Drive, which I estimate to be 30,000 Euros. I would never risk such a large amount to save a few euros, but some people do. I have seen the problems that some people have experienced when trying to save a few is not worth it.

Seal sizes are uniform, but the material a seal is made of is NOT. I have seen seals that were supposedly the same that Amel distributes and could easily compress them with my fingers, while I could not with the seals Amel supplies.

This Prop shaft bushing and 3-lip seals are exactly the same on all Amel C-Drives for Santorin, Super Maramu, Amel 54, and Amel 55.


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