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To SM Owner with hull number 1-60 or so.
The Bague d'usure is 35 mm diametre and not 40 mm. Maybe you check with Amel. SAV has both size on stock. SAV should know die size of your shaft. The seals, Joint Spi are exactly the same dimensions as for the 40 mm bague d'usure arbe. I paid exactly the same price last week as Bill mentioned.

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The last time I purchased the C Drive parts was 23 September 2015...the part numbers and prices were:

[Amel Part 2072] BAGUE D'USURE ARBRE Ø 40 ALESAGE +0.05 (SN SMU A54 A55/Prop shaft bushing) 149,80 Euro
[Amel Part 1422] JOINT SPI 45 x 65 x 8 POUR BAGUE D'USURE (Lip seal for prop) 6,00 Euro each
The prices above do not include VAT or Shipping Costs

These parts protect your C-Drive. Amel recommends changing these and the oil every 800 hours. I believe that since a haulout is required to replace these parts and since other reasons will necessitate a 2-year interval to haulout, AND, since the actual cost of hauling out is much more significant that the individual reasons to haulout,,,doing this job every two years is best.

I believe the risk in using non-Amel parts is the cost of replacing the C-Drive, which I estimate to be 30,000 Euros. I would never risk such a large amount to save a few euros, but some people do. I have seen the problems that some people have experienced when trying to save a few is not worth it.

Seal sizes are uniform, but the material a seal is made of is NOT. I have seen seals that were supposedly the same that Amel distributes and could easily compress them with my fingers, while I could not with the seals Amel supplies.

This Prop shaft bushing and 3-lip seals are exactly the same on all Amel C-Drives for Santorin, Super Maramu, Amel 54, and Amel 55.


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