Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Problems hooking up new Bamar EJF 1.0 to new Boxtron E14s Any help appreciated!

Porter McRoberts

Thomas and Martin et al.
We did ultimately get the situation sorted out it was a 24 V means wiring issue on the trinket and then simply wiring is the thermal sensor on the Genoa. 

The process does leave me two working belt driven furlers and 3 extra New belts for each furler
They could easily be used for spare parts if anyone is interested. 

Perhaps I pulled the trigger too soon, after I serviced the brushes and mechanically drive he furlers the hesitation went completely away. 

Nevertheless were trying to get out for a long saI’ll and I figured reliability trumped finances. 

Thank you all for your help!


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Hi Porter,

Ask Gan Piero from Amel 54 NOW OR NEVER. He completed the job successfully.
He`s on this forum as well as on Facebook.


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