Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Osmosis Issues


Based on more than 25 years of selling more than 300 used Amels in addition to the new
ones in support of Amels North American operations,I can offer the following. Amels had a
blistering problem in the mid 1980's as did a great majority of European boats at that
time that was ,mainly, due to contaminated catylizer (mek) that caused improper curing of
the resin. I have seen little osmotic reaction on Super Maramu resales,mainly because of
the anti-osmosis proprietary treatment AMEL employs. They put this treatment on every boat
on the inside of the gel coat in the mold ,not over the outside of the gel coat which is
more normal but not as protective. The AMEL style treatment allows the anti fouling to be
heavily sanded without inadvertent damage to the anti-osmotic treatment which is
"protected" behind the gel coat .Later model AMEL boats that have bothersome osmosis are
almost always because of sand/media/grit/soda blasting of old anti fouling which ,if not
done with experience and extreme care , produces thousands of pin sized holes through the
gel coat and the anti osmosis barrier too which lets seawater into the laminated
fiberglass .Be careful when blasting the vessels bottom with anything,including high
pressure bottom washing used almost everywhere . How old was the vessel in question and
how severe were the blisters?Were they uniform on the entire bottom or more random /
localized ? Was there any indication of post construction fiberglass damage repairs?
All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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