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James Alton


   In the case of really small areas, I have had some luck with filling the area with gelcoat, then penciling in the lines to be cut.  I then create  some simple custom tools to carve and shape the gelcoat.  Hacksaw blades for instance can be ground to approximately match the shape of the lines in the wood.  You can also carve the gel coat with some very sharp tools or files.  Once the lines are cut the proper depth to simulate the wood grain, some careful sanding with sandpaper can help blend things in.  

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Thanks for the information.
I don’t have any big areas of damage to warrant the making of a mould, but it’s a useful description of the procedure should it happen. Mine are small areas, particularly the steps on the bathing platform which have taken a few knocks from the passarelle and other objects being brought aboard.
I have ground these out and attempted to recreate the non slip pattern by dripping wavy lines of gel coat. My artistic skills need more development!

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