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smiles bernard


Does this group recommend greasing the morse cables?

my boats previous owner said not to but i had always assumed you should grease these kind of red sheathed cables?

I'd be good to hear thoughts

All the best

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Hi David,

the original steering cables and rack-and-pinion system was made by MORSE Cables, which seems to be owned now by HINDLE Controls.
Have a look on the internet.

You could also try at AMEL La Rochelle and ask them if they still have these systems (or some parts like the splined shaft) in stock (tell them RED Housings cables) at sav at amel dot fr

Good luck.

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I have a Maramu hull 91 and need information on the steering system.

The shaft that the steering wheel connects to has twisted at the pinion gear. I assume during her lifetime someone has backed her into a bank, I don't thing you could twist the shaft by hand. 

I cant find any branding. Does anyone know where i can purchase a new shaft? The square rack gear is made of a bronze material and appears to be fine. 

I'm a marine engineer with a machine shop but i cant cut the gear on the shaft. I just thought if parts are available it might be an easier option.


Maramu "Popeye" #91

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