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Porter McRoberts

Re the antenna. 
I have exactly your setup. 
Installed, older iridium phone, and New iridium go with adaptor.  My findings:
Iridium Go at the Nav station with native antenna: 3/10 in connectivity 
Iridium Go at the nav station hooked to phone antenna with adaptor: 5/10
Iridium go with native antenna outside: 8-9/10 in connectivity. 

The ratings are my subjective opinions based on now a good bit of use.

Take home message: the older sat phone antenna is convenient, but not as effective as I’d like and often frustrating.  I’ll probably buy the dedicated Go antenna. 

I’d love to know if this mirrors your findings as I know of no way to actually test the older antenna to see if it’s “good” 

Best of Luck!

S/V IBIS. 54-152 Fort Lauderdale. 

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thanks all!  Bill it is an older Iridium so as Heinz suggested I will need an adapter.

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If the existing sat phone is an Iridium phone, the antenna is most likely compatible, although there might be a cable adapter needed.

If the existing antenna is from some other satphone system operating in other frequency bands, I do not have any knowledge of the chances of it working.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
On the hard at LMC,
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hi all I am looking at the Iridium Go and was wondering if those using it ordered the antenna also.  I am on a 54 and there is an existing sat phone with exterior antenna could that work instead?
Cou rtney

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