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Mohammad Shirloo

Thank you all for the effort and continuing to provide valuable information for the group.
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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​ et al​

It was a collaborative effort
​ and without you, it would have never been finished. Thank you so very are GREAT. There is one more correction I see that is needed: "
hale bas de tangon
​" is the "
Pole aft line

Maybe we should tell every 54 owner that Amel accidentally left the 54 "pole up-guys" off of the official running rigging list. It might be because it appears to me that Amel rigged 3 different downwind pole configurations during the production of the 54.

Jeffery, Porter, & Courtney: You should download this
​Excel file
 from the Yahoo Amel Owners Group
​ (noting the change above)​
, or you can download it from Client Access at


CW Bill Rouse
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Thanks to Bill R for validating the translations!

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That’s very useful Thomas. Very Appreciated. 


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